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Risk Reduction Through Family Therapy

Risk Reduction through Family Therapy (RRFT) is a specialized therapeutic approach designed to mitigate risks and enhance resilience for adolescents and within families facing various challenges. By focusing on improving communication, fostering support networks, and strengthening family bonds, RRFT aims to reduce factors that contribute to negative outcomes and promote healthier functioning.


This therapy integrates evidence-based techniques to empower teens and families in navigating difficult situations and building positive coping mechanisms together.

RRFT is particularly beneficial for families experiencing:

  • high levels of stress,

  • conflict,

  • significant life transitions like divorce, loss, or relocation.

  • or crises such as substance abuse, domestic violence, or mental health issues.


Candidates for RRFT include families with a teen (ages 12-17) who struggles with behavioral problems, communication breakdowns, and where there is a history of trauma impacting their functioning.

Benefits of RRFT include:

  • Improved communication skills leading to enhanced understanding and empathy among family members.

  • Acquisition of conflict resolution strategies that reduce tension and promote harmonious relationships.

  • Development of healthy coping mechanisms that strengthen the family's ability to navigate future challenges.

  • Creation of a supportive environment where each family member feels valued, understood, and equipped to manage risks effectively.

  • Enhancement of overall family well-being and resilience through the principles and practices of RRFT.

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