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Therapeutic Visitation

Therapeutic visitation is a specialized service designed to facilitate healthy interactions between a child and a non-custodial parent in a structured and supportive environment. Therapeutic visitation aims to ensure the child’s safety and emotional well-being during the visitation process.

During therapeutic visitation sessions, a trained professional oversees and facilitates the interactions between the parent and child. The sessions are structured to provide opportunities for bonding, communication, and the development of positive relationships in a controlled setting. This can include engaging in activities together, practicing parenting skills, and addressing any issues that may arise in a supportive manner.

Therapeutic visitation not only focuses on the immediate safety and emotional needs of the child but also aims to support the non-custodial parent in addressing any underlying issues that may impact their parenting abilities.


By offering guidance, encouragement, and feedback in a therapeutic setting, the goal is to promote healthier parent-child relationships and improve the overall family dynamics over time.

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