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Maintaining Wellness Over the Summer Break

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The hustle and bustle of a busy school year can bring out anxieties pushing parents to seek help for their children. Sometimes assistance comes from the school or through outside organizations or both. Often, both students and parents welcome the calm that comes with summer break, but it is important to remember that the start of another school year isn't that far away.

We often talk about the "summer slide" when it comes to academics. This can occur when it comes to coping strategies as well. Here are some strategies that can assist your child with maintaining wellness during the summer to support a strong transition back to school:

1. Encourage children to take part in activities: The summer holidays are a great time for children to take part in activities that they enjoy. This could be anything from sports to arts and crafts. Not only will this help keep them active, but it will also help them build friendships and boost their self-esteem.

2. Talk about anxiety: It’s important to talk openly with children about their anxiety and fears. Encourage them to express their worries and help them to identify their triggers for anxiety.

3. Create a safe environment: Let children know that it’s okay to express their emotions, and encourage them to talk to you if they feel overwhelmed. Make sure they have plenty of time and space away from people to relax and unwind.

4. Model healthy behaviors: Show children how to manage their anxiety by being a positive role model. Demonstrate how to take deep breaths, practice mindfulness and use positive self-talk.

5. Seek professional help: If the anxiety persists, it’s important to seek professional help. A therapist or psychologist can help children to develop coping strategies and work through their worries.

Stephanie Whiteside, LCSW


Serenity Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting

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